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Subtitle: The video game podcast for smart types
Summary: A podcast on video games catered for the smarter side of the hobby. Deep conversations about all things important in the industry and surrounding it.
Author: robin smith; Category: Games & Hobbies; Explicit: No

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This is the first ever episode of the dialogue tree. Robin Smith hosts and mediates a round table show with a difference. Our guests each choose the topic for discussion This week our guests are Peter Willington of http://www.inretrospectpodcast.com/ and James Batchelor of http://www.gameburst.co.uk/ We talk about the use of DLC codes that restrict the use of online, The future of the games console & if the games press has failed or not. The podcast for the smart gamer.

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This episode the guests are Indie developer behind the games "trivia or die", "hypership out of control" and "nasty" Kris Steele. Gamespot news editor and host of the gamespot hotspot podcast Brendan Sinclair. and Artist and Games designer for edible entertainment James Anderson. Our topics this week are : The effect mobile and casual games will have on console, the industrys unwillingness to try something different and new & the changes we want to see in the coming generation of consoles. The show is as always hosted by Robin Smith For more find digifox on twitter : @digifoxuk

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This episode Robin Smith invites three guests from the the gaming press top talk about topics on their minds. Tom Magrino of gamesradar.com - asks if we really are talking about games the way we should. Kevin Vanord of gamespot.com - wants to talk about the critical reception to Bioshock infinite Patrick klepek of giantbomb.com - wonders exactly where Nintendo is heading Intro and outro tracks this week come from the talented mind of Sawtooth - http://futurespassed.com/fpfm/sawtooth/


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